Why doing nothing is a good thing.

We are taught throughout our entire lives to “work hard.” Working hard is pivotal in our success whether through our careers, our relationships and our health. However, there is a fine balance that many of us aren’t familiar with — working hard and doing nothing. I mean, nothing.

It’s so important to just do nothing sometimes. When I take a break from homework, writing or maybe my work day is over, I exert myself into doing more work. I clean my house, I make commitments to friends and family even though I’m exhausted or I find anything else that needs to be done and complete it.

Lately, I found that I almost never stop working. It’s not until I’m feeling my exhaustion physically rather than just mentally, that I stop myself. I don’t believe this is healthy and in the long scheme of things, I don’t think that the work that I do in this state is even productive.

Our bodies and our minds need time to rest so we can be the best versions of ourselves, produce our best work and not become so burnt out that we became negative, attracting negativity into our lives, attracting “work” that never needed to be done in the first place.

There have been numerous studies on how to be the most productive version of yourself. Some say to complete your tasks in the very early hours of the morning, some say to work for one hour, put whatever it is away, do something fun or relaxing, and then return to your work.

Productivity is really a personal thing. You know when you work the best under specific conditions. So do that, but don’t get down on yourself when you just want to do nothing.

Take a break to take a hot bath, take a break to lay on your yoga mat in child’s pose for however long feels good, take a break to talk to your best friend on the phone. Basically, don’t be so hard on yourself that you feel guilty when there is work to do and you’re not doing it.

Don’t take life so seriously because there is always going to be work, but there is also a life to live, a mind to nourish and a body to rest. 

Give yourself permission to do nothing.

Feel your shoulders drop, your mind slow down and rest at ease, knowing you’re about to enjoy the vast, lax world of nothingness.




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