Essential oils are essentially…

My life savor.

My little oasis of peace.

I have used essential oils for five years now. At first I was skeptical of their abilities, so I used them sparingly, making it difficult to see real results. Now, I carry a bottle of a single oil or blend in my purse at all times.

Plants have been intimately linked to our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being since the beginning of time! They have the ability to help lift spirits, balance moods, release negative emotions, and can create a romantic atmosphere through aromatherapy. Essential oils such as frankincense, myrrh, and cedarwood are quoted in the Bible as having healing effects. Moreover, a notorious group of thieves during the 15th century, known to be spice traders and perfumers, are thought to have been protected from the Black Plague with the use of essential oils, as they robbed the bodies of the dead.

As reputable as the benefits from essential oils are, I suggest you start small and build your collection. I think my first essential oil to purchase was frankincense. This oil is used for meditation, clarity, and helps with depression.

Peppermint can help reawaken your senses throughout the day, lavender keeps you calm, and Roman chamomile can help you drift into the best sleep of your life.

I will use essential oils throughout the day by applying to my wrist and breathing in the aroma. Of course, you can buy a vaporizer so that the aroma fills your room and house. You can also put a couple drops into the bathtub to have a relaxing spa-like treatment.

Essential oils can be purchased in San Marcos at the Cornucopia, The Little Shop of Health, and the HEB on Thorpe Lane in the bulk aisle.

There are numerous websites that are helpful in providing you with information about essential oils. If there is a specific issue (physically, spiritually, or mentally) that you would like addressed, more than likely, there is an oil to fit the cause.

Aura Cacia and NOW Foods are two of the most affordable providers; however, Young Living products are my all-time favorite.

You can purchase a bottle of an essential oil for as little as $5. So, go and get your peace on.

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