Adulting sucks, here’s how to stop it

No, really. It does. I recently turned 26 and though I'm not in the "This is 40" or "back then" days quite yet, I'm in the, "I just got dropped off my parents' insurance" and "holy shit, I'm in $30,000 in student loan debt" age. It's my reality and it's a reality that I'm not … Continue reading Adulting sucks, here’s how to stop it

Dear Peter

The indescribable loss of a loved one is... indescribable. Almost a year ago, my ex-boyfriend passed away. The spoken and unspoken words to him, haunt and taunt me to this day, near everyday. Sounds and sights are lightbulbs for his memory to surface. It's a hurt that I've never experienced before. Not being able to have even the … Continue reading Dear Peter

Work it.

Missy Elliot's "Work it" is a staple workout song on my "workout" playlist. It gets me motivated, it gets me up, and I work it. Sometimes I try to work it, but none-the-less. Physical activity is crucial for our health and well being. Experts say to incorporate 30 minutes of physical activity daily into our … Continue reading Work it.